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Monday, 11 January 2021 11:19

Forum Report 2020 Fifth Edition


Asbar World Forum's Final Report Released on the 5th round Titled "Future of the Future"


Asbar World Forum released the final report on its 5th round 2020, which was held virtually during the period 2-4 last November under the title "Future of the Future," with the contributions of many major figures and officials, in addition to one-hundred experts and speakers from major organizations and companies around the world.

The release of the final report comes out of the Asbar World Forum's keenness on documenting its activities to be a reference for researchers, specialists and those interested in future affairs. The 5th round was held to explore the solutions to future challenges, and turn them into opportunities to achieve sustainable development, support our cultural progress, and strengthen the Kingdom's position to be a magnet for researchers and workers in the many fields of future foresight.

The 61-page report reviewed the activities and events that included the most prominent topics and main ideas addressed by researchers and experts in 14 sessions in several topics, including the rapid transformations that the world is witnessing in many economic, social and health aspects. The sessions also explored the prospects for many of the most vital sectors to human life. These sectors included the future of education, work, health, water, energy, digital technologies, future studies, epidemiology, crisis and disaster management, in addition to the Kingdom's hosting and presidency of the G20 summit.

The report also highlighted the Forum's other activities that included eight lectures that tackled various topics such as Blockchains; Supporting and Changing the Future of Businesses and Services, Global Capitalism and Entrepreneurship after the Covid-19 Pandemic, Artificial Intelligence Strategy Development, the Future of Digital Identities on the Internet, Future Societies and Artificial Minds, Human Empowerment in the New Society.

In addition to the discussion sessions and scientific lectures, the final report reviewed the workshops that were implemented with the participation of scientific organizations, experts and specialists during the Forum days, including Google Global, University Business IE Spanish, in addition to the workshop carried out by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on "Mechanisms for Shaping the Future."

The report also contained lists of the names of foreign speakers as well as local speakers during the Forum activities, as well as the participating parties and the countries from which the audience participated. It also contained the media and platforms that took on media coverage, in addition to the links of the sessions, interventions and workshops.

Asbar World Forum is a developmental economic conference, and it represents a strategic platform for creating initiatives and exchanging knowledge and experiences. It aims to provide a high-level understanding of the knowledge-based economy and to demonstrate the interrelated relationship between the knowledge society and sustainable development. It contributes to the process of community transformation through the activation of knowledge and human capital. The Forum also contributes to inspiring successful global experiences.


The report is available by clicking on the cover to download:

To download the report, click on the cover

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