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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 08:06

Institutionalization of Saudi Knowledge – Based Economy


 In seeking  to achieve the outputs of Asbar World Forum's 1st conference held in 2016 and to adopt and submit the decision makers in the KSA with a set of ideas and recommendations, a one-day workshop on "Institutionalization of Saudi Knowledge – Based Economy" was conducted by the forum, in cooperation with Saudi ARAMCO aimed to study and discuss methods to activate these outputs. Due to the diversity of the conference subjects relating to the concept of the knowledge economy, the workshop focused only on the applicable ideas, capable of providing solutions and methods applied in other countries and proved to be effective, following what so called "Adoption Style". Emphasis was given also to subjects suggested viable procedures and treatments and don't require amendments of rules and regulations, following what so called "Treatment Style". The working papers included other subjects, require  substantive changes in laws and regulations leading to minimize its potential attractiveness and applicability.

The workshop was conducted in two sessions, through interactive methods, particularly presentations and discussions.

Since a lot of the treatments suggested by the participants in 2016 conference can be applied in various sectors, the workshop aimed at providing the decision makers in such sectors with incentive suggestions to implement and work accordingly, including the proposals of the establishment of innovation Incubator Institution In The Knowledge – Based Economy, and the creation of Investment -Promoting Financial Fund in innovations and technology transfer.

The  KSA possesses an opportunity to adopt some of the suggested solutions which have been put in practice in other countries and proved to be effective. Lot of solutions were discussed, Specifically The French Corporation of Technology Transfer, The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program at the USA., Manchester Tech Initiative,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT) and London Tech City.

We are happy to provide each one of you with the full record of the workshop "Institutionalization of Saudi Knowledge – Based Economy" to watch through the link (click here to access).

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