Discussion Panel

Discussion Panel


Education in the Future / 09:00-10:00

5 November 2018


HE Dr. Mohammed Abu Saq

Minister of State, Member of the
Council of Ministers



Mrs. Sherine Yacoub
Chief Executive Officer - Edraak

Stephen Hall

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Dr.Mohamed Alharthi

Associate Professor - Curricula and Methods of Computer Teaching - king Saud University 

Prof. Eid bin Mahia Al-Hesoni

Under-Secretary for Educational Performance Ministry of Education

Dr. Haya Alawad

Under-Secretary - Ministry of Education
Health in the Future / 10:00 - 11:00

5 November 2018


Moderator :

Prof. Mohammed Al-Qunaibet‏‏
Shoura Council Member, Professor of Agricultural Economics - King Saud University‏


Speakers :


Dr. Mohamad al Sagher

Assistance Undersecretary - Ministry of Health, Leader of the Institutional Transformation axis

Dr. Mohamad Al Hussein
CEO - Mozon

Dr. Ahmad Al Askar
President - King Abdullah International Medical Research Center

Ms. Charlotte Hauser 

Professor, Bioscience - KAUST

Mr. Masssimo Paradiso
CEO and Founder - NBD, Italy  

Panel Discussion of the book «Transforming the Future» (Unesco Publishing & Asbar World Forum ) / 11:30 - 12:30

5 November 2018


Dr. Mani Sarathy
Associate Director of Clean Combustion Research Center
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering




Dr. Riel Miller

President of the Future of Literacy - UNESCO

Dr. Erik F. Øverland
President and Chairman - the Board of World Futures Studies Federation, WFSF

Dr. Nisreen Lahham

CEO - Future Studies Forum for Africa and the Middle East (FSF)‏ 

HE Dr. Riyadh K Najm 

Former President of Audiovisual Media Commission

Technology in the Future / 13:30 - 14:30

5 November 2018

Moderator :

HE Dr. Mushabab Al-Qahtani
General Director - Institute of Public


Speakers :


Eng. Ali bin Hasan Al Ghbeshi
Consultant and Expert in Developing IT Systems

Dr. Mohammed Alrokayan
CEO and Founder - Squad Partners

Mr. Amer Al Kahtani
VP of Research and Innovation - ELM

Dr. Abdulaziz Albatli 
Assistant Professor of Cloud Computing  Vice Dean of Scientific Research – Shaqra University

 Eng. Saed Al-Harthi

Chief Executive and Board Member of the Arab-Japanese Company for Membrane Manufacture

The Future of Jobs / 16:00 - 17:00

5 November 2018


Mr. Dirk Schmautzer

Partner - Mckinsey & Company


Dr. Hamid Al–Sharari 

Former Member of the Shoura Council
Mr. Omar AlHarthy

Co-Founder - Al-Rud‭,‬ha Innovative Hub - Advisory Board Member of the National Youth Program for Skills Development - Sultanate of Oman

Mr. Khaled Albawardi


Mrs. Abeer AlHashimi
Vice President of Upskilling at Takamol Holding

nvironment in the Future / 09:00 - 10:00

6 November 2018

Moderator :

HE Dr. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Ibrahim
Advisor to HRH the President of KACST. Previous CEO of NWC and Previous Governor of SWCC 

Speakers :


Eng. Usama Kurdi

Former Shoura Council Member 

Dr. Ali Alazzawi
Expert Consultant in City
Experience - Dubai Smart Office

Dr. Saeed Alamoudy
PhD in Creative City – University of Salford  

Mr. Daniele Daffonchio 

Professor, Bioscience - KAUST

 Eng. Muhab bin Mohamad Benten

General Supervisor of Construction Technology - Ministry of Housing

Mr. Abdulkader Lamaa

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Energy in the Future / 10:30 - 11:30

6 November 2018

Moderator :

Dr. Maher Alodan
Head of Research and Development and
Innovation Sector- King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy


Speakers :

Dr. Mohammed Salem s. Sabban
Former Chief Economist Advisor to the
Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources 

Eng. Hani AlAbd AlHadi
President and Founder - Arkad

ARAMCO Presenter

Dr. Youssef Belmabkhout

Senior Research Scientist in the  Advanced Membranes & Porous Materials Research Center‏ - KAUST

Dr. Ammar Al Nahawi

Director of Saudi Aramco Research & Development Center in the future of Energy session

Mr. Emad Eldin Adeeb

Writer and Journalist

Discussion session on the 10th Arab Thought Foundation Report / 12:30 - 13:30

6 November 2018


 Mr. Faeq Muneef

Writer and Editor




Prof. Henri AWIT

General Manager - The Arab Thought Foundation


Dr. Ziad Al-Drees
Former Representative of the
Kingdom to UNESCO

Dr. Saud Kateb

Under Secretary For public diplomacy -  Ministry of Foreign

Young Investment Funds / 13:30 - 14:30

6 November 2018

Moderator :

 Mr. Ibraheem Alzuhimeel

ceanx CEO



Speakers :


Mr. Omar Al Majdouie
Founding Partner - Raed Ventures

Dr. Hani Enaya
Partner - STV

Mr. Farook Al Jeraisy
Founder and CEO - Inspire Ventures‏


Mr. Faris Al-Hamed

 Founder and Chairman - Oqal Group and Nal Investment Co. Ltd

Ms. Maha Tebah

President - Eradah Company

Future Manufacturers / 16:00 - 17:00

6 November 2018


Abdul Munim AlHarrari




Mr. Mutaz Arif
CEO - The 10th Floor, Inc‏

Dr. Faisal Allaf
Chief Executive - Wadi Makkah ‏

Mr. Mohammad Almadani
Founder and CEO - Classera ME   

Mr. Mohamad bin Ali Al-Asiri
Executive Manager - King Salman Youth Center

Ms. Manar Al Omayri

Founder of Dhad Audiobooks 
Saudi Arabia Tomorrow / 17:00 - 18:00

6 November 2018


Dr. Fahad Al-Orabi Al-Harthi
Chairman of Board of Directors - Asbar World Forum‏



HH Prince Dr‭. ‬Bandar bin Abdullah‮ ‬Al-Mashari

Assistant minister of interior for technology affairs

HE Dr. Nabil Koshak

Founder and CEO - Athal Consulting

Dr. Anas Alfaris

VP of Research Institutes - KACST

Dr. Hala Al-Tuwaijri

Secretary General - Family Affairs Council

 Mr. Anand Vengurlekar 

Executive MBA Alumnus and Chief of Communications and Branding- INSEAD
Dr. Hala Al-Tuwaijri
Secretary General - Family Affairs Council‏
Future Agenda / 18:00 - 19:00

6 November 2018


Eng. Sami AlHussayen
Deputy Governor to Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority‏





Mr. Abdulsalam Haykal
CEO - Haykal Media‏

Dr. Mohammed H. Almeshekah
Cyber Security Expert‏

Prof. Abdullah Aljughaiman
Shura Council Member, President of International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence

Dr. Issam Alwagait
CEO for National Digital transformation unit
Dr. Khaled Al-Ghoneim
Founder and Chairman - HAWAZ
Dr. Mohammad H. Al-Ghamdi
CEO - Namaa Almunawara
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